Finally I switched to Vista

And believe me it wasn’t with a heavy heart.

I knew that this OS is just fine especially after SP1 and the continuous improvements Microsoft released. It was just a matter of having enough time to proceed with a clean install and transfer my stuff over to the new installation.

Of course you need better hardware but these days this is not really a problem especially memory. Yes, I would recommend minimum 2 GB and 4 for a development station.

It’s fast and it’s 64 by the way. I installed 32 before, like a year ago and maybe it’s just me but the 64 seems faster. Or maybe the 32 bit installation didn’t have SP1 at the time. I can’t remember.

The GUI interface is sleek and smooth. There are a few things that changed in the way you do them and it’s annoying for the moment but that’s how I felt about Windows XP and what a great OS it turned out to be.

Believe me there’s nothing wrong with this OS. At least nothing more wrong than with other operating systems.
Actually there is something I don’t like and consider it a big flaw: the price (at least the retail price) especially as it turns out there are chances Vista will be a gap filler OS. It all depends on how fast they will deliver Windows 7.

Anyway I just wanted to add that I like Linux as well and while at university I always used it (Slackware), but these days I don’t have that time anymore. I prefer the comfort of an OS that is easy to work with and which regardless what some might say is rock solid and pretty secure.

Don’t buy what others say about Vista. Try it for yourself.

Happy holidays.