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You have one of your projects P source controlled by a Team Foundation Server TFS1. You have a local copy on a laptop.
You forget about that copy and in the meantime you installed and new Team Foundation Server TFS2 and decommissioned the old one.
Before, you took care to remove the local copy of project P on your desktop computer  from source control so you have no problems of adding it to the new TFS2 server and it work quite well.
One day you have to go on a field trip and you grab your laptop. When you open source control on the new TFS2, your project which was just added there is not mapped locally so you try to map it back to the same folder it always was. Unfortunately the message “The path is already mapped to workspace…” is unforgiving and does not allow you to do the mapping. Of course you can map it to a different folder but you do not want that because like me you carefully chose the name of the folder. It is the best name ever for that particular project and you don’t want to add a number at the end and ruin it. So I turned to Internet:

I read many other posts talking about similar or exactly the same error message and none helped.
My previous TFS was already uninstalled so I couldn’t use the tf.exe utility as other people suggested.

Then I came about this post … extremely useful post.
Only a small addition for Windows XP users though I guess and hope they are becoming scarce these days.
In Windows XP the path for the file is:
C:\Documents and Settings\theuser\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Team Foundation\version\Cache\VersionControl.config

The theuser – profile for the windows user account, and version are values that you have to provide. With VS2010 version is actually 3.0


“The path is already mapped to workspace…” | Ryan McDonnell
I just recently setup a new Team Foundation Server installation on a newer more powerful server. The older server was quickly taken offline. I stripped the source control bindings from old projects and proceeded to bind them to the new server.

In doing so, I was given the following error: The path is already mapped to workspace .A quick search lead me to a post by Buck Hodges, the lead developer on the Team Foundation Build team.

The solution is fairly easy. An XML file named VersionControl.config stores the mappings you have to each workspace and Team Foundation Server.

On Vista, this file is located at:  C:\Users\theuser\AppData\Local\Microsoft\TeamFoundation\version\Cache\VersionControl.config
Open up that file and remove the appropriate entry that pertains to the decommissioned server.